Zat “to escape our own self-imposed prisons”.

This requires seeing thought as a tool. Thought as knowledge. Yet, most equate their thoughts as their life.

Thought doesn’t want to give this up. Why would thought want to? Then it would mean the end of thought. Thought has usurped authority in our lives.

Thoughts build up an identity that says I am so and so, with this career and this level of success compared to you. We live like this and call it life.

Think what can happen if children rather than measured, labeled and sorted by ever changing subjective thought were instead left to creatively learn.

Then they wouldn’t have to continue to try to figure out life in their thoughts as adults. They will have learned thoughts are man made. They accumulate as knowledge but they are not life. They are thoughts.

Then they no longer live from what their memories in thought tell them. They are free of the prison of the definitions of thought. They are free to be creative

That is the dream I am working on. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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