Zat, I like this information when you say. “What’s important isn’t to extend our lives through a temporary legacy beyond awareness, but it’s to experience, alter, and disrupt consciousness in ways that add some sense of joy or meaning to our day to day existence”.

I think what I am hearing you say is get over yourself and who you think you have to be.

Live right now for experience?

But what is holding us back from disrupting consciousness. From being free of past memories and future dreams and being passionate for this moment?

I don’t want to find ways to add joy but to see joy and meaning for what it is.

Beyond thought there is energy of creativity, freedom and love. This is human consciousness that has died to the energy of thought. Yes, death to the meaning of thought before your die. This disrupts human consciousness.

If you have realized that thought is a placeholder to love. The ground of existence is no longer measured in thought. This is a man made tool.

The meaning and joy of life is the freedom to love. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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