Zat great insights, “When you think of a company like Apple or Tesla, you feel something”.

Think of how children would turn out differently if education made them feel something. If they infused in them a great vision for their life. That they were educated in finding their WHY.

What if k-12 education, like you speak of the great companies in society, “….had an association with innovation and change and progress”.

“When Steve Jobs would do his product launches, there was a sense that he wasn’t talking to the crowd at all. Whether or not you believe that Apple did think differently or if they were changing the world or not, you knew just by looking at him that at least he did”.

This philosophy could be shown in k-12 education. How different would the world be if children had instilled in them what their contribution can mean for their life and society.

Inspire and show the way for shapers early on! Why not?

As your article says, “The secret weapon here is strategic imagination, and it’s the second part of what makes people who really make a dent in the world who they are”.

Zat, great, great, great read. Strategic imagination. I just love that. What child wouldn’t want to learn from that perspective. Knowing and realizing they were owning their life by the way they looked and dreamed about the world. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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