Wow. That is a lot of information. I agree with your article. Shall we just continue to pass on the blame or have a reality check.

Just ask Researcher Storyteller, Brene Brown about vulnerability and shame. She doesn’t like to be labeled either.

Educators sort, compare, measure and evaluate based on what? And even if it were on unchanging, verified, solid research, it still doesn’t matter. The very act of selecting and measuring human beings crushes the human spirit.

Who wants to go somewhere where you are told either you are right or wrong. What kind of anxiety does this produce? This is not learning. This is being trained as a machine to have the right answers. This education system then produces teachers that of course have the right answers in how to treat the kids they teach. It is a vicious circle.

This is not growing human beings to be loving and kind human beings. This system is broken. These educators have incredible power over society. This is freely given to them by parents because it is all we know.

I have four children. As I have learned over the many years spent with educators they are a righteous bunch. I don’t believe they are to blame for this. This too is inherent in the system that demands they be authorities in life without training in what it means to be a human beings. We have handed over the responsibility of our child’s worth to educators. This is destroying society.

There must be a radical revolution in what it means to be a teacher. They need to be empowered as life coaches not simply academics. This will allow children to be given a context beyond the thoughts of what each teacher knows independently about life.

Teachers need to be coaches that are life time learners of what it means to be a human being. They need to be vulnerable in that they don’t know the exact best way to educate the child. This vulnerability and honesty about what it means to be human and grow human beings needs to be embraced as a significant part of education.

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