Wil, great feedback for parents,

“I’m going to tell all those adults from the past: give this kid a break. He’s scared. He’s confused. He is doing the best he can, and if you all could stop seeing him as….”

Why can’t we empathize with our kids. Why are our identities so threatened if our child doesn’t show up the way we need them to. Are we putting our insecurities on them and infusing them with an abnormal amount of fear. Demanding that they show up in life to make us feel comfortable.

Is this the root of anxiety and depression?

The continuous thoughts that go on in our head and the mind of the child.

Why is life lived this way? Why have thoughts become the supreme authority in life?

When thoughts take their proper place as knowledge stored in memory. And thoughts are seen as thoughts only. Thoughts are thoughts. Not life itself.

Then thoughts are no longer the placeholder to love. Then life takes on new meaning. Grounded in creativity, freedom and love. Not thought.

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