What is this higher reality human beings are searching for? What lies out beyond the status quo? Does it have to involve suffering to get to some reasonable level of happiness? I used to think so.

Suffering is useless, although the status quo may say otherwise. Until human beings see why they suffer, they will continue to live quiet lives of desperation.

The current mode of humanity is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Those that do this well can elevate themselves past others not able to handle this pain/pleasure management as good. Human beings think there are deep reasons to their depression and suffering. I argue that you are correct in your article, depression is the suffering of the world in living the way human beings do. Their incessant thoughts of comparison and measurement in who they are and what they have become and how to defend and protect this “me”.

So then some human beings choose to learn meditation for a more peaceful and productive way to be in society. Has this practice or any other changed the well-being of humans? What will?

I would like to invite anyone interested to inquire into the nature of thought? Science now can tell us that the universe is creative. Time is nothing fixed. Time is a man-made concept to described happenings. Human beings see thought and what it tells them they are in time as the meaning of what life is. This is the suffering that has no end.

Thought has given the “me” reality. The “me” is only man made thought. It has no reality other than thought. It is has no independent reality like nature. Like a tree or a flower. The psychological “me” is a man-made illusion. It appears to be the way human beings experience life. This is what gives the illusion validity.

When thought is finished as the ruler and determining factor in life, there is an extraordinary mutation in the brain cells. This is freedom, love and creativity.

Consciousness of humanity is all one. Human beings living in thought as the essence of their life is like struggling in a locked room with no key. They may think there is a way out through thought. There is not.

When thought ends consciousness is of a different order. This is love.

Brenda Ammon

Brenyammon@gmail.com Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way https://freethemind.co Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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