We sent our four children to Montessori school. It shaped all our lives. Montessori students are supported in being self-directed learners. I would call them entrepreneur learners. The children naturally looked at play the same.

It is one of the most incredible gifts to give a child to be raised in the wisdom of this environment. The compelling mindset was freedom and responsibility.

The current education system puts out widgets on an assembly line. They are measured, sorted, compared and then learn to use these metrics to drive their own lives. This is not freedom and responsiblilty. This is conformity to a worn out system.

Why is play so important to a child’s development? Because it allows them to go beyond the limits of programmed thought. This world is stuck in programmed thought and how to get ahead based on more improved thought.

Knowledge and thought are limited. They will continue to produce widgets. Seeing beyond the limits of thought is creativity, love and freedom.

Brenyammon@gmail.com Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way https://freethemind.co Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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