Very interesting article. Thank you. Very grateful to learn of this research.

Especially curious in the light of what the State of Michigan mantra claims. They know how many prison cells to build based on the number of children that can’t read by 3rd grade. One solution may be to keep them out of the prison of education so they don’t learn what these so called experts say.

What would the world look like if children believed they were creative geniuses? I tell my kids they are everyday. The education system will never tell them this. Why?

I have four children. I once was okay with the education system. All of my children attended Montessori through the 6th grade. Best experience ever.

My two oldest recently graduated form University of Michigan Ross School of Business. While these are great accomplishments I believe my kids were great before this. The current k-12 education does not instill that in children.

The current system measures, compares, predicts based on expert opinions? Are educators experts because they have a masters or PhD. Does this mean they have expertise in guiding young children’s lives? I would say not.

I am skeptical of unschooling. Yet, I very much look forward to the crashing down of the current education system that builds widgets on an assembly line.

The education system pits one individual learner against another as they are measured and compared. This does not foster learning. This is fear based.

This type of education system is destructive and leaves much debris in it’s wake. The system is responsible for determining what it means to be a great learner based on a worn out doctrine and false beliefs that they alone know the answer.

Don’t ever depend on the system or so called experts. These children all need to realize they are creative geniuses. The system will never tell them this.

Thank you again for sharing.

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