Tom Kuegler Yes, like you “ I feel like there is something missing” from our lives. What I am hearing you say is connecting with the others in a way that makes a difference.

I heard author Sheila Heen talk yesterday about her mentor Roger Fisher. They worked on the Harvard Negotiation Project together. Fisher saw real men die in front of him in WWII. Afterwards, his life work connected with people across the globe to seek to negotiate their conflict instead of suffer loss.

Your conviction how we double down on comfort reminds me of the same.

That’s why I coach people that want to refine their creative genius to make a better impact with others.

Even in conflict.

Even in comfort.

Thank you Tom. Keep kicking ass and thinking out loud at what you notice. Because of your generosity, I write on Medium. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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