Tom, great pic of you and your family! Also, these are great thoughts of yours,

Success ultimately means growth. We need to sacrifice the previous version of ourselves to grow. This is a process that must be repeated over and over again until we die — and it’s a process that honestly sucks”.

You gotta love the journey. The journey isn’t just a means to an end. If so, when you get there you find out it’s still empty.

Your WHY you get out of bed in the morning supports the journey. If it is simply the desire for success, that’s not enough.

The key is you have to have a vision for success that empowers others. This is the juice for the journey. You have that Tom! You have changed my life by showing me what it takes to write on Medium.

You were a catalyst in my life, gave me valuable tools and a willingness to risk. You believed in me. You believed in others. You are a great writing coach.

A recent post of yours again brought me insight. Nobody Cares What You’re Writing (Yet)! This wisdom of yours freed me up once again!

Reminds me of Kris Gage’s words in a Medium article, “lighten the hell up”!

I can’t wait to see the flood of new writers you get for the upcoming Medium Mastery course. Best money I’ve spent on myself in years! It gave me a voice.

I am forever grateful. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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