This is great material! Ray’s advice is to not be person in the machine, instead be the designer of your machine. This applies to your job, your relationship, your life.

Also, Loved the Ray Dalio “How the Economic Machine Works”

I am curious when the deflationary tools are not balanced with the inflationary tools what are the consequences. Deleveraging is not beautiful?

Deflationary move is to cut spending. What if raising the cost of debt, deflationary does not include the cut in spending that helps maintain the lid on inflation.

What if raising more debt happens in a rising interest rate environment. That isn’t part of the normal way to balance the cycles. What happens then???

Or am I missing something? The plan is to inflate the world out of their debt?

We will have more money for spending and the debt will appear smaller. What are the consequences to this scenario? Devaluing the currency???

I always thought productivity could save us. It doesn’t sound like it is a factor that affects the debt cycle. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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