Thanks Zat for Sharing the depth that questions have in life!

I love it when you say, “ Curiosity is slow to see certainty because it’s busy getting the context right”.

Life altering changes don’t happpen by improving upon well-known content. Meaning in life is transformed through curiosity and deep questions that change context.

For instance, the results from a google search of “poverty” are interesting. The first option is a definition from Wikipedia, “Relative poverty views poverty as socially defined and dependent on social context……” Wow!

Children learn at a young age what to believe about themselves from how society measures them. K-12 education stagnates this problem when they sort, measure, compare and label children right from the start.

I believe poverty is of the heart. No amount of improving the content of K-12 education in society will transform these deep rooted biases of poverty. Poverty is a learned behavior.

As a society all human beings need to ask more questions. Not about improving content of education. But the purpose and why of education.

Questions around the possibility of a different context in the way failure is viewed may prove to inspire many. What if failure and vulnerability were modeled first by those in education administration. Then through their leadership they demonstrated their ability and willingness to look at their failures as the birth place of creativity? What if administrations gave teachers and students a safe environment to see failures as the birth place of creativity, and a new context unfolded? That the system became a source of creativity!

It is not in changing the content of a human beings life but in the way they view life that will allow tranformation.

Very grateful your thoughts Zat! They inspire change in context and thus the meaning of life! Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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