“Why is that? Almost by definition, someone who makes C’s is right about 70% of the time. They are the people that said “I know about 70% of the material, I’ll just take a crack at this test and see how it goes.”

“It turns out that, in most “real-world” situations, that’s actually the optimal confidence level for making decisions”.

“It is almost always the case that the root cause of procrastination is a fear of looking bad in front of others”.

Taylor. Thanks for sharing. Essential to hear as a human being!

My youngest child out of four is a 70% kind of guy. He is brilliant. He is happy living with the choices he makes. And I just thought he wasn’t interested in putting in the effort.

Now I can see how it fits for him that he sees 70% as the optimal level.

He’s just laughing at all of us that think we have to get the right answers to get validation. He loves to learn what intrigues him. And maybe that is just fine.

It may hold him back in a college selection but I don’t see the downside much after that.

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