Sarah, great read. Very interesting to know about family and friends reaction to your book.

I hear what you say about formatting a paperback publication. I attended a free Book Design Workshop using Microsoft Word at Michigan State University library, (5 minutes from my house) three times! I still am not sure I have the chapters starting on the right hand side pages!

But this two hour class was very informative. I had difficulty only because I was using an Apple MAC and their instruction was based on a PC. I had to translate what they were saying to how it worked on the MAC.

Even though I haven’t printed the book, they can make one right on site for me to take a look at. They can even make copies and give a price break at 50 or more. It’s not the most cost effective, about $10 a book. But it allows you the freedom to print and read and review at little cost.

As I have traveled at times with my husband on business, I have noticed that other large libraries offer workshops too. An absolutely gorgeous community library in Greenwich, CT offered a wordpress workshop.

As us creatives are looking to hone our craft it is helpful that there are people out there willing to share what they know.

Thank you for sharing! Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success