Reese, I may not agree with this, “Because as long as your becoming more every single day you will have lasting happiness in your life”.

Where does the more end. And what does the more knowledge and more becoming get you?

What is it that we are all looking for?

To know that you are loved and well thought of. And to know you belong.

I am not sure more of anything you “DO” can get you to seeing who you “Be”.

Who you “BE” before you add on all the extras of what you “DO” is the real freedom, creativity and love.

I know, I thought I could somehow find it to through my efforts. Then you reach a point when you realize it’s not the effort it’s the way you see life.

Knowing what it means to love is what we are here for. We chase everything external until we realize it’s all the same circular trap. The more, the more and more for satisfaction. This is not love. This will not get you to love.

When you let the chase go, something real begins to dawn in you.

An expanse that when thought and what thought believes is worth chasing is set aside as the only thing in life.

Most human beings die never knowing what it means to love. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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