Rachit, profound.

It became “The Chimpanzee guys” and “Us”.

“If you’re in a public space right now, do me a favor and look up at anyone. How many bones do you think they have? How many hearts? What do their hearts do? Do they play dubstep instead of beating like yours? Do they not feel the same emotions? Fear and anxiety and pain, especially when Game of Thrones characters die?”

“Labels build walls. Sometimes, literal walls. (Yes, I’m looking at you Great Wall of China). They create “us”. They create “you””.

Rachit, this is great too, “It’s time to drop those labels. Cut the bullsh*t. And work together”.

But this is where I struggle? Where is the blueprint? Where does it start? It has to start with the walls in our own hearts first. Yet, people are heavily invested in their individual identities and expertise. They stand firmly behind this WALL of gathered knowledge as to their know how to guide the world.

For example in K-12 education we have tried to tear down the walls of children being poorly educated by offering competition from charter schools, online learning and other sources. But these are external forces just like any other used in education to improve learning.

A paradigm shift in education will happen when the way life is looked at is changed. The “US” against “Them” mentality has to change. The learning about the walls in our hearts has to be embraced by educators, parents and administrators alike. The willingness to be vulnerable and see what is really going on in our hearts will change the world.

Children are creative geniuses. They don’t often here this when their deficits are constantly being monitored. Talk about forcing kids to put up walls!!!!

The human heart is the most difficult thing to rescue. It can be done. It’s not a problem to be figured out with knowledge. Putting up walls is an outdated way of looking at life that needs to be seen through. It’s an aha moment.

Thanks for sharing all your incredible insights!

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