Michael, loved your thoughts. “From the outside I had the position and status of leader however…

intrinsically I lacked the ability to absorb, reflect, and retain leadership lessons that were right in front of my face.

I found that leadership is not something that is achieved but something is continuously honed through feedback and experiences”.

I also agree, it takes reflection and the willingness to be vulnerable(open to feedback) to be a leader that inspires.

It’s intriguing sometimes how we look as though we readily accept feedback. Yet, if we were to really see through the safe walls put in place, it’s only a certain kind that is accepted. The variety that keeps your identity safe.

In others words hand selected feedback that works for you to move forward. Not the depth of reflection that may inspire other human beings with your authentic humility.

I listened to a podcast interview with Howard Schultz, Starbucks Executive chairman. He discussed how he discovered what authentic leadership meant to him. His journey was about the people in his company as a priority and not earnings to shareholders.

He was willing to get vulnerable and remain connected and followed your:

Some tips to Strengthen Self-Awareness

  • Ask Publicly and Privately for Feedback
  • Share Your Story
  • Listen to your Employees Story
  • Listen and Talk to a Mentor

Michael, thanks for sharing these thoughts!

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