Maddy Couch your stories have peeked my interest. How does one afford to travel the world as an artist?

I just listened to a podcast with Oprah and author Daniel Pink. Pink said every 16 minutes another 100 baby boomers turn 60! The first thing they do is go oh my Gosh, how did this happen that I am this old. They look back 25 years to when they were 35 and wonder how did it go that fast? Will the next 25 years be the same? Then the 2nd step in their thinking is 60 isn’t that old. Then the 3rd awakening is what legacy will I leave? What meaning can I find to live out the rest of my life on purpose!

I’m only 55 but I am there! How to give in a meaningful way that impacts others and makes there lives better. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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