Louis, grateful for you insights and giving me PERMISSION TO SUCK in my creativity. Now I can try to resurrect how to laugh, play and have some fun.

You are right. I don’t want to be looked at by anyone that I can’t achieve what I want. My standards are pretty high. But really what I am concerned about is what I will feel if others are disappointed in me. Or if I don’t measure up.

I wonder at what age kids and myself lost this permission to fail and get up and try it again like it was no big deal. To shake off water like a dog after a swim.

I have often pondered this very thing. I was comfortably sitting in my car last spring as I waited for soccer practice to end. I happened to be on my iphone with my 22 year old daughter and described to her a little girl near the field working so very hard to do her hand stand right.

She was dressed in a pretty pink dress and there was an urgency to her practice. She had her head on the ground as she twirled around in a circle by kicking her legs up in the air. She was attempting a perfect headstand and I was drawn in by the sight.

She had no care in the world. She had no interest in who was watching. She was oblivious to any outside disturbance. The joy and simplicity in her heart was beautifully alive as she worked to master her craft.

I returned to my iphone conversation with my daughter. My mind drifted back to when she had felt and played like a princess in her pink outfits. She laughed cause it sparked her heart too. She replied “Mom, that was before I knew what failure meant.”

I am grateful Louis for you sharing these insights. Maybe failure doesn’t really mean failure afterall. Maybe the willingness to risk failing is simply the recipe to a larger space of possibility in human hearts.

Incredible read!

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