Kris, this is awesome, “We simply have to keep moving forward, and press on, and stop holding ourselves back”.


I think a lot of times people are good at this in business and many of the logistics in life. Things that are cut and dry and have an answer.

Yet issues that involve the heart, which are key to holding you back, rarely get touched. This is the essence of life. We leave it for last on our plate because it’s sometimes easier that way.

Or we’ve never been shown anything different.

Avoiding being vulnerable… is the human default. (We choose to protect ourselves at all costs instead)

That’s why I am drawn to your writing. It is raw with emotion and doesn’t miss a beat with exposing the messy side of life.

Maybe for most it feels overwhelming with everything else going on in life to try to see into the abyss of your heart. But there is a ton of freedom, creativity and love to be had if you take the risk.

TAKE THE RISK Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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