Kris, thank you for these thoughts,

“And it’s appreciating them so much more because you’re ever-aware of that none of this will last forever”.

There’s something that lasts forever in life. But I agree with you that it isn’t love that is generated by attachment.

I believe there is a wholeness to love that isn’t yours or mine. Possibly something that doesn’t have a beginning and an end that is creative at every moment. Waiting to catch you with the depth and beauty of life if you are willing to look.

Like a little girl trying desperately to make a perfect headstand. She tries and tries. Willing to risk without concern of failing. It is surreal to watch her raw enthusiasm. Not holding back because of how she will be measured and labeled.

That is the creativity, love and freedom that I see as the ground of human consciousness. Most of us end up in the feedback loop from hell instead. We are attached to our thoughts to tell us what is safe and right and wrong. We rely on our thoughts for our entire existence. We rarely see what love is beyond thought.

We’re too caught up in our self-image and finessing it so we get the so called love we want. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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