Kids are failing math all over the country based on these premises mentioned. Why is it that only the math teacher understands what’s going on in their classes? Why is society having to pay the price because educators are so identified with the caliber of what they know and not how a child learns?

Life and learning are simple and fun. How many highly educated instructors does it take to ruin a human beings natural curiosity? This is serious stuff. Academia is failing society. Human connection and making learning relatable are dead.

Is it that educators or so in need of validation of who they are and what they have accomplished that human connection is not valued? Are all human beings driven by how they are measured in thought? Thought is simply an instrument and human beings have made it the reality that they live by.

What will it take to make a contribution to humanity beyond how thought tells us how great it looks. It’s always about the illusionary image, the “me” that is created in a human beings mind based on thought. This image is protected, defended and proved at all costs. Human beings live and die in these images that thought has put together.

Human beings see thought as the ground of life. As a result educators and society reinforce a human beings sense of searching for worthiness in thought. They indoctrinate children into the same pattern.

This is not life. Creativity is life. Human beings are missing it because the instrument of thought has them by the short hairs.

The essence of creativity is love. Love is intelligence. Love is not based on thought. Love is of a different order than thought. Love sees beyond thought.

Brenda Ammon

10/4/17 Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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