Johnny, I like your idea. But are we our thoughts? Many think that is our life. It is difficult to consider a different view given the way the world trains you.

How about instead of replacing thoughts. How about replacing the EGO? Once our survival is ensured with food, clothing and finances the next step is to see the EGO will not produce what it is you keep searching for.

Some may think that having the right thoughts in life will work. And that is ok. They will continue to seek out answers in thoughts. Then to wake up one day and realize their same well-being, maybe a bit modified, remains in place.

I think greatness in life is about finding flow. You can do this when you read a great book. Or have a job you love or a relationship that really works for you.

But having and getting satisfaction is not the real truth to life.

When this realization happens a person may be open to letting go of the thoughts. Thoughts they have so long believed were needed to help them survive in this world.

Life moves beyond satisfaction to a deep inner quietness. Where thoughts no longer determine the existence of your life. There is a change of context. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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