John, I think about the way they teach kids in school to get the right answer.

If you come out on top then you are the winner.

Somehow I feel this philosophy holds a lot of people back in life.

Unlike your friends many may never break through to feeling freedom in life They are unwilling to risk failing.

I want to change the way we see thoughts. They are just thoughts. Not life.

They are a great tool as a pointer to life. Thoughts have allowed us to create incredible things.

Yet we have allowed thoughts to usurp authority in our lives.

Thought doesn’t want to give up control. Why would it? That would mean ending itself as ruler.

The source of life is freedom, creativity and love. This is the Art of fulfillment.

John thank you for sharing the quote from Writer Margie Warrell, in an article for,

Only in giving up the security of the known can we create new opportunity, build capability, and grow influence. As we do, we expand the perimeter of our ‘Courage Zone’ and our confidence to take on bigger challenges in the future.” Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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