John Gorman “Had my heart stolen and broken and felt alive the whole time”.

I always wondered if vulnerability were another word for love. For aliveness?

You make me laugh to see our silly selves on a unique journey through life.

I agree with your thoughts, “And yet, that is every reason why it’s important to fight for things that do matter. Ideas matter — equality, justice, wisdom, peace, happiness, freedom, dignity”.

Love is worth fighting for too? Yet, so many fear love. The vulnerability. The aliveness?

When we feel life sucks it’s pretty easy to control. Or maybe I am the only one?

To say I love you and you matter can be scary. What is required? Where does that leave me if it doesn’t work the way I want? What is love worth anyways And so then we block off our heart….And get what we think we need instead.

This can happen with my daughter, my husband, a sister or a friend.

Some days I seem to vacillate from love to fear and anger in a matter of seconds to get what I think I need.

Call me a Tasmanian devil. Look it up. Tasmanian devil is a real thing! They eat carrion. Flesh of a dead decaying animal. That’s me, eating on my past.

Our constant barrage of thoughts in our head is the past. The past is a dead decaying thing and we try thrive on it. This doesn’t allow a connection to love

Love seems to be a sliver in the cosmos? What if we were a little off and love were the meaning to life? That’s our path and what we’re really here to see?

My take…..Knowledge gets us so far. Knowledge works to build a past me, who I am, then when you are ready to break through, the energy of LOVE tips the scale…..I wonder if this is the 4th dimension you contemplate?

I say the view from love is seeing with the creativity of all these that you mention, — equality, justice, wisdom, peace, happiness, freedom, dignity. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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