Jeremy, this is great information that you shared. “Another surprising implication is an intuitive reframing of a recently popular argument — that we never experience raw reality. What we think of as perception is a ‘controlled hallucination’ to borrow Clark’s words, which our brains have designed to be precisely as simple and useful to us as possible”.

What if the way we see the nature of thought as the ground of human consciousness and the experience of life, may not be all there is to life?

The nature of thought has no independent reality like nature. Like a tree or a flower.

The only reality of thought is that it is based on more thought telling us how real thought is. Thought has helped us with improved physical survival. But the way our brains have developed thought has made itself the key focus for psychological purposes.

So essentially human beings are a bunch of made up assumptions in thought, updating these thoughts and seeing thought as life.

I think we all may be feeling around in the dark for answers. And thought doesn’t have the answer. And then we die in our thoughts of what we think we were. Never realizing the true nature of thought.

Not many see the ground of human consciousness beyond thought. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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