Jacques, great read.

People seek out therapy not for information, but for novel experiences that lead to novel change.

From the movie “Her” you shared, “we witness both of them changing by experiencing novel relational moments leading each of them to a deeper understanding of themselves”.

This is the connection people hunger for and don’t know how to have.

This is what it means to grow as a human being. The willingness to be vulnerable to discover more meaningful relationships.

It shouldn’t take going to a therapist to find out what’s wrong. I believe this is the way it is presented to people and then they see their life as a problem and not a creative journey.

There’s nothing wrong with human beings. They simply have been made to feel wrong just because they want more out of life.

The world is aching for a paradigm shift. AI will not bring it about. It may give us the imagination of having a real conncetion. But it will be dependent on a machine.

Love is not dependent on anything. Love is a way of seeing life. It is creativity.

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