Jack, meditators may spend 1,000 hours on a cushion trying to catch a glimpse of it. But that again is an identity in thought trying to catch a glimpse.

Seeing the nature of thought is freedom.

AI may have vast knowledge beyond the possibility of any human intellect. But that’s not intelligence, that’s knowledge. Even if it is iterative, it will remain grounded in knowledge. Contrived and put together by thought.

It won’t somehow slide off the track’s and see itself as a program and know it is only a program. That is intelligence.

That is spiritual awakening. When you realize knowledge is a trap. That knowledge can grow an ever widening boundary that it lies within. But it still will be bounded and limited as knowledge.

Intelligence has no beginning or end. It is creativity. Creativity can’t be caused. Then there would have to be another cause behind that and another behind that in a never ending cause and effect process.

The universe is creative. It is not based on cause and effect. Science has proven this.

Creativity or intelligence can’t be caused. It can’t be dependent on anything for its existence. Then it wouldn’t be creativity.

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