It is frightening to see that the intelligent, important person you have built yourself to be is simply a narrative. One that can one day just be irrelevant.

There is skill in thought. To be a doctor. To drive a car. This is the skill of the intellect collected in memory. This is simply a program of the intellect. This does not equal a psychological identity. It can and it does if you want to buy into that story. That is the illusion made up and maintained only in thought.

I think we are all fighting on the world stage, measuring and determining our worth compared to another. Based on what? Who’s narrative is better.

We live in an agreement reality where we buy into who’s narrative is more impressive than another. Who has success is based on their made up identity in thought and who they can get to agree to believe it with them.

It’s kind of relieving, once you get used to it. To think wow, maybe I am not this made up identity I have thrown my entire life into to defend, protect and prove.

There would be incredible freedom in seeing this. An amazing amount of energy would be released no longer having to reinforce the narrative.

Most people don’t want freedom. Non-freedom has its comforts.

Or if you are totally bought into the impressive individual self that you have amassed, this may look like life threatening news.

This really boils down to dying to the self you believe yourself to be prior to physical death. This frees you up to know what it means to love.

Most have no intentions of dying to who their thoughts have said they are.

They die quiet lives of desperation daily, ruled by their importance in thought. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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