If a human being looks beyond the thought of who they are, there is this void.

Yes, it is staying with the pain, the uncomfortableness that allows for this space of possibility and creativity to appear. But then humans have to get up again and do it the next day. Thought as the driving force telling itself it has to again create the space.

What if human beings had a complete insight into the nature of these claustrophobic thoughts and they were finished? This is a dismantling of the great importance of thought in human brain cells. This is love.

I like that you say. “I am here- This place where few venture: the quiet source of creative insight”.

This is the ground of human consciousness and the ground of everything. Love, creativity and freedom.

This is a different order of consciousness when limited thought is seen for what it is, knowledge to be appreciated, but not life itself.

This is real. You can’t make this shit up. Thought will try. But thought will never be the real.

Brenda Ammon

Brenyammon@gmail.com Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way https://freethemind.co Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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