I love this. But now what? Yes, empower the children to view life in a powerfully uplifted manner. See past the education system that is building widgets to conform.

Educators sort, measure, compare and determine children’s worth based on their expertise. What if their whole way of viewing children through their academic researched eyes is a faulty view of life?

Thought and knowledge are just that, thought and knowledge. The education system labels children, segregates them and defines their future based on their extensive research in thought. This is scary stuff. And it’s not working. Why do humans blindly accept their children being indoctrinated into this system?

The universe is creative. It is not based on cause and effect and predictable over time. Yes, there are generalities that are made. But the creativity of life does not follow a fixed pattern.

Thought and knowledge are powerful tools but they are only pointers to life. Yet, human beings see thought to be the existence of their life. The ground of human consciousness is creativity, love and freedom. Most miss it because they are never shown otherwise.


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