I am not sure I agree with these comments. I certainly don’t believe “When heavy affliction comes upon us we are softened.”

Sometimes human beings suffer the same instances in their thoughts over and over again with no resolution. Pain is one thing. It is a great motivater. But I don’t believe human beings were meant to suffer in order to grow. Suffering is not a path to growth. Listening to pain and seeing what the cause is, yes.

If human beings buy into the idea that failure is permanent then they suffer and never learn. They find a way to adapt to their suffering by covering it up with a learned identity in thought.

Peace and freedom do not come into the human heart through suffering. It is when suffering is let go of that there is love. This love is as universal as salt and it is within everyone. No amount of suffering will ever realize love.

In the words of the late Dr. David R. Hawkins, in his book Letting Go, “The progressive disappearance of negativity and its replacment by positive feelings and experiences is pleasurable both to watch and experience”.

It is love that is the essence of human existence. Not time and thought as most believe and come to understand as their life.

Love is not the opposite of suffering. Love has no opposite. Love is when suffering is let go of and is replaced by an expanse in the human heart.

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