Win the Shift In Mind and StreetFight With Vulnerability

Brenda Ammon
4 min readJun 8, 2020

Discover Your Creative Restart Button

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

The Beginning

Unknowingly I hit the creative restart button on my life in June 2020. I felt uncertain to give a powerful talk. The resistance to share my point of view became a street-fight with vulnerability.

Enter in — The Status Quo

Here is my assertion.

Many attempts to mange and modify my life to fit the status quo hadn’t created the life I wanted to live and love.

I had courage and grit. Could compete with the best. Yet I sensed a loss.

Gifted at taking leaps into the unknown as an avid reader and writer. A human sponge with knowledge. Comfortable to stand out and lead.

Yet, for whatever reason, a momentary drop in confidence would flood in.


I wourld lose momentum. Second guess myself.

I reached the point that the emotional labor to move forward in a vulnerable way seemed to cost me something.

The sacrifice to risk my self-image?

What will they say? What will they think?



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