How To Perform On A Stage Made Up Of Nothing

Brenda Ammon
3 min readMay 6, 2020


On The Path to Self-Awareness

I bought a book for my oldest son. Something he shared had interested him. It came in a week because the lovers of Amazon no longer get our two-day prime shipping. Harrison already had gotten the audible version and was half way through.

A Book About Nothing

“Mom” he says, “have you read Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing, by Jed McKenna. In the book he explains that we are all performing on a stage. Our egos are made up and we are really “nothing” acting on a stage that we feel means everything. But we are no thing”.

I said oh, “tell me more about what nothing is”.

He said, “Mom so you know what nothing is? You tell me your version of nothing. I am feeling like I may not like that I am nothing”.

Then he walked away back into his makeshift office located in the front corner of the house.

I have had the surreal opportunity to spend time around my oldest son, 25 due to Coronavirus. I never considered the serendipity of the deep conversations in our daily talks. This last one took me by surprise.

Feeling Uncertain



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