How To Make The Leap and Connect The Dots After

The jerseys changed but our curiosity for Kobe’s display of basketball prowess did not. Kobe left his “Mamba Mentality” as a legacy to each of us. He asserted for any challenge in life

“just try to get a little bit better every day”.

Kobe and Steve invited us into life’s game. To excel. To be curious. To step past the nay-sayers and bring something to life only you can imagine. To push through fear and self-doubt and create your own path for success.

You don’t have to reach the level of Steve Job’s contribution. You can make a small choice to reach an audience that may want to hear. You can align with Steve’s message,

“How can I make life better for people”?

I like what author and entrepreneur Seth Godin wrote in his blog last week.

“Find your footing and do your work. It’s a choice”. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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