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How to Get Vulnerable when you want to be happy and you don’t know how

Brenda Ammon
3 min readJan 14, 2020

To Discover More Connection, Creativity and Innovation In Your Life

My friend Patrick texted me I want to be free.

My question back was “free from what?”

“Free from the burden of my thoughts stealing my joy”.

I asked back, “what does joy mean to you”.

He got quiet. He wasn’t sure.

The answer never needed memorizing for a test at school. To create the life you want rather than default to the future in front of you made him curious.

Patrick had never considered that level of responsibility. The ability to design the way he wanted to feel. He wasn’t sure how.

This is why I am writing this for you and Patrick.

What part of your life do you feel joyful and enthusiastic about what’s coming next? Why do you believe this to be true?

Do you want to investigate how to have more delight and fulfilling shareable moments? This can happen. This begins with a decision.

Staying stuck in a rut of how you approach your life is not freedom. Freedom and creativity are the first ingredients to add to a life full of prosperity.



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