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How To Focus On Top Values and Create The Life You Want

Brenda Ammon
4 min readDec 11, 2019


Time Stops For No-one

Two years ago my friend Nick and I talked of the anticipation of our girls playing college soccer. He was a top administrator of a hospital. He loved his Friday night cocktail events with his neighbors. He loved his wife. He loved his girls. He died of a stroke. He was 52. I remember the stories he told. He was a great storyteller. His youngest daughter plays college soccer today.

Change Happens

Change is inevitable in life. You may have a crisis that acts as a wake up call to what you are missing. A death in the family or a close friend you weren’t expecting. You may face a transition in your personal life or status that feels insurmountable. You may be unhappy or feel trapped in your business life but unable to see a solution. How you handle these hurdles makes an incredible difference in your quality of life.

When you desire to break free to a new level of clarity and purpose you need to dream. What are your priorities? What is most important to you? Business and retirement goals, leisure time for travel and your health? What legacy do you want to live and leave in the hearts of those you love?

Focus On Values

Start with your top three values. What areas of life would you like to improve? Are they…



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