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How To embrace Self-Awareness And Get Out Of Your Own Way

Grow Your Self-Awareness

I responded to request to fans to check out an old article today. I came away with a question.

What made great writers? What made fascinating growth for entrepreneurs? How did self-awareness play a part to help them get out of their own way on the path to greater success?

I asserted it had something to do with 1).their willingness to ask for help. 2). To push a little farther than others in understanding what it takes to have success.

Self-awareness is Key

Nine out of ten entrepreneurs fail. Whether you are a writer or run a Venture Capital Fund, many say the reason for failure is product market fit.

I assert the issue has more to do with an entrepreneur’s willingness to learn. To see what it takes to get out of their own way and grow their self-awareness.

Entrepreneur №1

As an example, I recently took part in a conversation shared between entrepreneurs. I came away amazed at the humility of the CEO of a Venture Capital Fund.

After years of trial and error she finally got what it took to grow success for her and her team. She elegantly shared her story.

The big shift happened with an eye-opening realization. To grow her company she had to better understand herself.

She overcame her resistance to seeking self-awareness. She internalized and accepted the necessary curiosity and openess to move forward on her path.

She committed to learning how to get out of her own way.

Entrepreneur №2

I contrast this with a conversation I took part in with another Venture Capital CEO. Her way of seeing life and her current success was different.

She was not well off growing up and heroically turned her life around.

An amazing shift occurred in her determination. She had talent. She believed what she had to offer the world made a difference.

She empowered herself and her business by taking on new possibiilities and level of responsibility.

She embraced the attitude if others can do it so can she. She is an astonishing force for entrepreneurs.

Be Bold

In these examples I felt a bold sense in each entrepreneur. An assertion to make an impact. A resilient attitude from having tasted the fruits of their efforts.

Entrepreneur №2 described a compelling journey. A chip on your shoulder can help you overcome a challenging situation and make a remarkable life.

Curiosity Builds Self-Awareness

Entrepreneur №1 made me even more curious. How does that shift in deepening self-awareness occur to be more free in who you are and what contribution you want to be?

To stop reacting from a chip on your shoulder. To gain insight because you are drawn to learn an deepen your self-awareness to help get out of your own way. To make a difference and impact the world with your full self.

In addition to feel more committed and free. More grounded. Like a boat afloat on the river rather than fighting against the current of life.

Real Freedom comes from within

That is real freedom available through unearthing self-awareness. When the fight and adventure is within and not against the external environment. That’s when real creativity and innovation can happen.

When you begin to transform your energy of dissatisfaction in life into a sense of purpose based on freedom within. You experience a quantum leap.

Energy you never knew you had appears out of nowhere. When you choose to build momentum through increased self-awareness.

Be the entrepreneur that experiences freedom within in addition to extraordinary success.

I coach for self-awareness and freedom If you are ready for a quantum leap in increased energy and impact as an entrepreneur email me. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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