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How To embrace Self-Awareness And Get Out Of Your Own Way

Brenda Ammon
3 min readApr 23, 2020


Grow Your Self-Awareness

I responded to Tom Kuegler request to fans to check out an old article today. I came away with a question.

What made great writers? What made fascinating growth for entrepreneurs? How did self-awareness play a part to help them get out of their own way on the path to greater success?

I asserted it had something to do with 1).their willingness to ask for help. 2). To push a little farther than others in understanding what it takes to have success.

Self-awareness is Key

Nine out of ten entrepreneurs fail. Whether you are a writer or run a Venture Capital Fund, many say the reason for failure is product market fit.

I assert the issue has more to do with an entrepreneur’s willingness to learn. To see what it takes to get out of their own way and grow their self-awareness.

Entrepreneur №1

As an example, I recently took part in a conversation shared between entrepreneurs. I came away amazed at the humility of the CEO of a Venture Capital Fund.

After years of trial and error she finally got what it took to grow success for her and her team. She elegantly shared her story.



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