How To Be On a Journey To Be Happy in 2020

Brenda Ammon


You can do it

Creativity Beyond Thought

What is it like to see beyond thought? What would that even feel like for a human being? Having the ability to perceive life with your heart wide open. Rather than the constant narrative of the intellect from stored memory?

Rarely does anyone live in the present moment.

What exhilaration is in store for human beings to see from this perspective of freedom? Rather than cause and effect, tradition or karma in life? (If I perform well I will get results and have the life I want??) Bottom line, what does it mean to transcend thought and to realize love and openness in life.

The Universe Is Creative — Not Born Of The Past Or Projected As Future

This is the quantum mechanics of life. This is the letting go of lower negative energy fields of thought that keep you from the inner awareness that you are.

This is the unknown territory of life that fascinates me. Human beings often overlook this mystery of life. When they find themselves cemented in their intellectual identities. Driven by the desire to prove themselves in thought.

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