Heidi, you are brave to put all your thoughts out there and helping others see they are not alone.

I recently completed a 30 day stoic challenge with Ryan Holiday. He is a popular writer on Medium and author of Ego is the Enemy. Each day was a different activity that had you reflect on what was essential to life.

One day was eat rice and beans and wear your worst clothes. Another day was ask for help on something. Another was wear your worst clothes out. See how little anyone cares. Another was do a kindness for a stranger.

My favorite day was don’t watch or read the news.

I care deeply for humanity. I want to lessen suffering for anyone interested in listening and why it creates powerful buoyancy in your life.

I believe you grow up learning how to adapt to your environment to survive. Then we use these tools to carry on our adult life. These patterns are harmful.

They wear you out.

In realizing a way to live from the inside out that there is freedom, creativity and love that is the substance of life. Not thoughts that drive our daily lives.

Not the stories we keep telling ourselves that are broken.

We have to decide what we want. I know it’s not easy. It sounds easy but it’s not.

Once you know what you want you have to determine the person you have to BE to have what you want.

And then take action.

There is a lot of resistance to taking action to reinvent yourself. Resistance in yourself. Resistance from the world around you.

Author, Seth Godin tells a great story about being stranded on a plane. He decided to get off the plane and instead drive two hours to his destination. He offered there was room for three others to come with him for free and get home that night. No one took the offer.

He wondered all the way home was it the way he was dressed, was it that he was too enthusiastic. No. What he determined was getting off that plane took responsibility. Staying on the plane meant it was United Airlines fault.

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