E. H., thoughts make us believe we have power. Yet what if the essence of life wasn’t based on thought.

What if the context, the backdrop of life is creativity, love and freedom?

I believe that is what is bubbling beneath our thoughts.

Thoughts are oppressive. They keep us locked in our known dances in life.

The freedom and creativity to feel love in your heart no matter what people do is real.

I listened on a Dan Sullivan podcast the other day that courage is not easy. It’s not something that feels good. Yet if you are to be confident in life, the path is to be okay with being uncomfortable (vulnerable) in having courage.

The first step is commitment. What do you want. What are you committed to above all else. Commitment facilitates courage. Courage instills creativity.

Commitment, courage and creativity are natural ingredients of confidence.

Power is force. The universe as a whole is creative. Our world seems that it is all about power. Power is limited. It can’t keep creativity down.

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