Dr. Westman, I love what you have to say. I have been at this conversation from a similar angle for years. These words of yours live in my heart.

“It’s hard to look at ourselves. It’s hard to take a moment to moment inventory of our actions and ask ourselves did that act make the world richer or poorer. Did that interaction with that person leave them feeling better or worse? Am I spreading happiness or discontent? It’s hard to watch ourselves with everyone; it’s hard to feel responsible for our own actions every minute. I’m sorry it’s hard.

You want to know what causes violence? Fear. You want to know what causes fear? Feeling like you are less than others. You want to know what makes people feel that way? Other people acting more powerful or greater than. What makes people act more powerful so that others feel less powerful? Fear. It’s a circle, and it has to stop”.

I believe this whole feedback loop from hell begins as young children are indoctrinated into the K-12 education system. It’s not the only reason, but it’s one of them. They are measured, sorted and labeled instantaneously. They are shown and reminded of their deficits on a regular basis.

These thoughts that begin to circle in their mind, define who they are. The possiblity of any real connection and relationship becomes based on survival and sure as hell not grounded in love, creativity and freedom.

I am not an expert on how the brain works with addiction. I do know that learning how these things work can allow a person to have a different perspective on who they are.

I believe the addiction and feedback loop from hell we all suffer from is FEAR.

I agree with you, we can not eradicate the symptoms we must cut out the root.

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