Denis, need to shout this from the rooftops, “Do you know why you can relate to Mark Manson when he talks about the subtle art of not giving a fu*k? Your former baby self used to live and breathe that philosophy”.

When you ask, “What has been your experience with the learning process”?

I have a lot of thoughts. Here is a sliver.

My four children went to a Montessori school through 6th grade. What was unique about this school is the clothes you wore didn’t matter.

The focus was on the joy of learning. You got to chose what you wanted to learn. As long as you met bench marks you had all the freedom in the world to learn what spoke to you.

Learning wasn’t identified with what you had to “DO”. The focus was on taking ownership of your learning. Hence, ownership of your life.

The young ones took to this not only WITHOUT FEAR of being wrong, but with JOY.

Discovering joy in what you are learning is the special sauce to life.

Montessori kids connected with nature. On one field trip with two of my children, (they were 1st and 3rd grade at the time) I noticed something. Something beautiful and I still see this aliveness in them today. They connected to each other in a way that shined light on the innocence of what it meant to be human.

We had picked dandelions and were all circled around an instructor. We were watching how to make them into soup. A little girl sitting next to my son laid her head down on his lap. She shut her eyes for a few moments to rest.

These kids trusted one another. To me, this is the greatest human gift there is. To know and feel love and respect.

They grew deep friendships. Boys and girls. They all just adored each other for who they were. For the fun, camaraderie, comfort and challenge they brought to the table.

They saw their uniqueness as a gift. Their friends helped them and called them out in equal amounts. From taking this ownership over their life, they grew as human beings.

This is what we are missing in many schools. Children are not allowed to see each other for the gifts they are. They are too involved in how they will be measured next and what that will mean.

They move and live in fear of the next judgement. Not in joy and freedom to learn.

My children had the freedom to be curious in their learning. They grew in an environment that believed children had wisdom.

They were free to learn how their learning affected their own life and even more, those around them.

If you aren’t allowed to take ownership over your learning and life in school. How will you learn this immutable skill?

That’s why so many think learning sucks. They identify the meaning of learning in their life with judgement. There is no joy.

The significance in K-12 learning is about getting the right answer. Then you get to be something. That is a backward way of viewing life.

Life is not as much about what you “Do” as society gives credit for. Key to life is who you Be. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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