Denis, great read. Great insight, “look at self-doubt as an impulse I can follow to start creating a life of meaning”.

I was petrified to make a stand for how I believed differently from our local school district.

I had a freshman and junior in high school that took an online health course. They had an A in the class and didn’t have time to finish. They were given an E. They had 3.8 GPS’s. (Their grandma had terminal brain cancer and died).

The old school guard wants to say they got in over their head. Didn’t self-pace and deserve what they got.

All the while the school had their share of lack of support for the students that was never acknowledged.

That’s what I find most interesting. How they can say failure is great for kids. It helps them grow. Yet the district was unable to see they also failed.

This isn’t the first time I have felt that kids paid a price in this district while the adults in charge go unscathed. I call this NO SKIN IN THE GAME.

The vast majority of educators are incredible human beings faced with an overwhelming task. I get this truth. But the covering up and moving on that happens as failure and deadened lives lay all around has to stop.

It has been over an 18 month process. I have been petrified relentlessly.

Right now all the school board is weighing in. The online course was said to be out of the hands of the district and the results belonged to the third party provider. That was the stonewalling that we had to break through. This is finally happening.

Michigan is a locally controlled state. All decisions for districts are made at the local level. Wow, what beautiful, miraculous things you could do to benefit childrens’ lives with that kind of power.

How collaborative and innovative could you get with your community. Instead it’s their power and we need to listen to their expertise.

I earned a finance degree. That didn’t give me unequivocal power over peoples lives. That gave me an opportunity to get hired and serve people. If I did well I would maintain them as customers. That is SKIN IN THE GAME. (There was a loss if I didn’t serve well).

Knowledge is freeing up. Life,education, the work place is becoming more creative by the moment. Educators and administratons need to embrace this.

Or they can fail two online learners antithesis to the request for a two week extension made by the district mentor and the online teacher. You vote. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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