Denis, Empowering. “Consider this quote from Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman of the X Prize Foundation:

Companies have too many experts who block innovation. True innovation really comes from perpendicular thinking.

And this about Victor Frankl, “Here was a man dealing with the horrors of life in a concentration camp and yet he saw the power of the inner world to transcend outer circumstances”.

This is it. The power of what being a human being really means. Overcoming obstacles on the inside so you can act creatively on the outside.

And sometimes expertise and self-image in adults are as much an obstacle as insufficient food and various mental stresses that hold children back.

We don’t ever look to empower children to move beyond obstacles on the inside. We don’t show them how human beings are similar with their struggles of wellbeing. We as a society don’t admit this ourselves.

Simply wanting more out of life shouldn’t mean you need to get yourself figured out by a pyschiatrist. This is actually the same circular, stuck, route.

It’s not more and more knowledge that is going to break society free. Technical knowledge has got us to the moon, the iphone and AI.

What about the well-being of humans? When will that improve?

Denis, I love your examples, “Alternatively you can choose to gather the bare minimum of ingredients to make the most basic cake, burn it a few times and take it from there”.

Are kids being allowed to fail like this???

This is profound when you say, “I used to think that an educated person knew a lot of stuff and so I was unaware of the massive imbalance between my create:consume ratio”.

Someone should let the kids know that after they live their lives for grades,

“the truth is that nobody is coming to validate you”.

I think the system is a dreadfully outdated. The sorting, measuring and labeling for deficiencies causes a child at a minimum, to lose hope fast. Why create a structure with A’s on top that leaves limited beliefs intact for so many.

Measuring a child’s worth early on has horrible results.

But there are dragons at the gate, keeping the status quo intact.

As you suggest, “If left unquestioned long enough you might begin to assume that perfect knowledge is an actual thing other than a mind made illusion”.

Denis, it is refreshing to hear your voice.

I have come across this insight too.

“A useful heuristic to get you out of your head is the 40–70 rule , used by Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, which states that 40% is the minimum amount of information needed to make an effective decision while 70% is the optimal…”

I have got two kids in their early twenties that graduated from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. The third one will attend Michigan State University this fall. The fourth despises the system. He’s sitting at a 3.5 GPA and wondering what it is about the system that is going to make his life great?

He loves people. He is defintely a 70% kinda guy. They say most leaders are.

He’s taught me a lot. He’s made me question what we’re aiming for. Is getting A’s the status quo way to be elite? How much longer will that remain intact.

Denis, great thoughts. Just great thoughts. Keep them coming! Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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