David, excellent read. How often does this happen and at how many levels!

“Insecure of his abilities, he didn’t want to waste any more money on college and quit after a disappointing first semester with a C average. When Tom ran into failure, he folded, and worse, told himself he just wasn’t college material.”

We gotta change this in society. Earlier. Way, way, way earlier. Pre-k. It can happen when educators and parents change the way the see this kids. They have barely started life when children get in school and we are already telling them how they don’t measure up. Why wouldn’t you want to quit?

They, the educators, parents and children need to realize they are all creative geniuses. If they understand that life is not fixed and neither are they as a human being they can be creative. They can see what they love. They can find a WHY and how they want to be a contribution to life.

Society needs to stop measuring, sorting, labeling and determining a child’s worth and their own. We are all creative geniuses. Let’s get to work letting people realize this genius within them and how to put it to great work!

Thank you for sharing.

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