Dave Bates I love that your post honored Amy Faeskorn (my friend too!). And how strongly you feel about leading your family!

What if human beings naturally are that creativity you speak of using? That we live barricaded in our man-made thoughts as placeholder to this creativity

When you shared “instead of devolving into the attacker habit ON MYSELF and what I had seen, I needed to practice the opposite”.

If you had to give the opposite one word, I am curious what that would that be

What I hear you say is you have had a “change in context of your worldview”! That is amazing! I say, learn to wear the world like a loose garment!

If I had to go in and change all the bad habits of mine one by one, that would take about 18 lifetimes! For me, seeing how beautiful and similar we all are in our messiness changes me. The compassion I feel has changed me.

Having compassion has allowed me to begin to break the hold thoughts/fear/procrastination has on me.

I committed to Amy Faeskorn that I would post today! Is that synchronicity!

This doesn’t count as an article but seeing that we are all connected is better!

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