Cynthia, loved that you shared this. “In the end, what really matters? To be kind and compassionate to each other”. I have to look up Carl Sagan.

I am pretty sure children could be guided in school and at home how this looks. Instead of how society breeds individuality and what it takes to get ahead.

I have this dream of an elementary school. Each child would work at their own pace as a self-directed entrepreneurer learner. Seeing how a love of learning comes from within. Being curious about life and how their contribution can positively impact the world.

Before they could move on in any grade they would have to first give 40 hours of community service in teaching others. That they would realize that moving your life forward isn’t just about you but how you support others.

In their 5th year of elementary, at whatever age they made it, they would spend that time seeing how they give back to their community through projects they would create.

In a world of technology and artificial intelligence it seems that there’s a huge premium to be paid for creativity and kindness to humanity. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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