Chad, incredible, incredible, incredible read.

“Our public Education system trains children in various types of behaviors and thought patterns”.

The Jesuits were a creepy bunch, and one of their sayings was, “give me a child for seven years and they’re mine for life.”

That is a disturbing recognition of the power that indoctrination and religious type rituals hold in our lives. Most people recognize that it’s terrifying and weird when the Jesuits would say something like that!

But then they see no problem when our public Education system indoctrinates children into a set of rituals that were designed to create factory workers and soldiers for war. What you’re trained or indoctrinated to do for the first 12 or 16 years of your life strongly influences all of your future behavior and available choices.

The end result of the behaviors taught inside Education are generally people who are often miserable, anxious, and trapped in bodies with minds they’ve never been taught to use, optimize, enjoy, or master… My heart goes out to them. This must not continue.

If we look at Education’s founding, we can confirm that crushing the imagination and human potential is its expressed purpose.

94.Information isn’t wisdom. The path to teaching students to become wise will come through encouraging direct experience and challenges in the real world. This can only happen through leadership by healthy and happy leaders (also known as teachers).

95.Only when we simulate and introduce the right amount of adversity, at the right time, with the right amount of recovery will our outdated ideas about “Education” become reformed into a more voluntary form of self directed learning. Only after that does humanity have a chance to evolve and escape extinction.

If we take only these last two points where would we start, with kids or teachers? I believe adults/teachers have to get comfortable with uncertainity. They have to be willing to set their expert opinions and research aside and see these kids as creative geniuses. Because they are.

Every child is a creative genius and if they find how they can fit and make a contribution in the world, society will be a different place.

Children will no longer live in fear in from the current education system that sorts, labels, measures and tells a child’s worth right from the start. Not an inspiration. Very few are inspired to learn. The system is focused on deficit and not growth.

Teachers are important for academic content but they have never been shown the life coach component of teaching. This requires a vulnerability from leadership that they may not know all the answers. I don’t see these academic experts acknowledging that any time soon.

They will hang on to their research that they follow. That changes constantly and has produced no lasting results for improving the well being of a child. Inspiring Impact Entrepreneurs. Get out of Your Own Way Improve self-awareness for quantum leap in success

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